Hello and welcome thousand President Salva Kiir

We publish our word to welcome the forthcoming visit of President Salva Kiir, the proportion of the fall of the

It was our principled position, and still, is the establishment of close relations of peace and good neighborliness, with the nascent State of the South. The depth of the eternal relations between the two brotherly peoples in the north and the south, opens the door to the intimate links between them could reach the level of economic and political integration.

However, this requires first resolve all outstanding issues in a fraternal atmosphere through dialogue and negotiation, away from the border lock and beat the drum of war and occupation of Abyei policies.

The survival of these outstanding issues unresolved, led to a confrontation with the international and regional community. Naturally, no interest of our country and our people in such a confrontation.

Suffice it to point out shuttle flights to and Mbeki Zenawi, to settle the differences between the parties. It is known that Mbeki and Zenawi had Qama Addis Ababa under the auspices of the Framework Agreement between the government and the SPLM north sector, which was enough to stop the war in South Kordofan and to prevent the extension of the Blue Nile.

Visions of all parties to resort to war was wrong matched. The war is not the appropriate means to resolve political issues. The resort to war leads to inflame differences with the state of the south, and to escalate the confrontation with the international community. As for the role of the military policy in the exacerbation of the economic crisis and the breakdown of prices and there was nothing wrong!

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