A Guide in How to Choose the Right Attorney: Divorce Lawyers

how to file for divorce

For some couples, there comes a time when living under one roof is just not possible anymore and in some cases, this reality may even become deadly when one spouse finds himself with a gun on one hand and a heated argument on the other. May it be due to irreconcilable differences or psychological problems, a divorce might become necessary.

Divorce cases are difficult in nature. Trying to prove to people that a marriage cannot be fixed nor worked out is a tough challenge for every attorney. These cases become even more complicated when concerns about custody of the children are involved. However, there may be cases when the divorce goes smoothly. It could be with the help of both husband and wife through cooperation and peaceful negotiations and more so, it could be because they were able to hire competent lawyers.

That being said, there are tips on how to find and select a good lawyer to handle your case. Here are a few of the important points you should look into:

What are these tips?

  • Ask for recommendations whether from families or friends, you must look into who they recommend. Being recommended simply means that the lawyer has had a good result and a satisfied client previously. This is the best way to make sure that the lawyers are reliable and can be trusted with your case.
  • If you do have any recommendations from trusted family members or friends, try to search on the internet. However, remember that the internet is a scary place full of scammers and liars. If you do use the internet, make sure you get your options from trusted websites. Check the websites and try to see if it looks sketchy or unrealistic. If it does, do not got for that.

what happens in divorce

  • You do not have to limit yourself to having only 1 choice for a lawyer. You might want to choose 3 potential attorneys. After having a list of possible lawyers, try to look them up online to see reviews and comments about their work. Look into both positive and negative feedbacks. Of course, lean towards the one with the most positive reviews.
  • Set up a meeting with the potential attorneys or the chosen attorney in order for you to have a feel of how it will be like working with them. By this time, you might also want to grab the opportunity of asking them about their background and experience in the field of divorce. This is also the moment wherein you may be able to determine the type of personality your lawyer has. Ask yourself if you will be fine working with his or her type of personality.
  • If you notice any red flags such as asking for advance payments, not being able to answer questions sensibly or divulging confidential information, do not choose that attorney.

Great divorce attorneys like those of the law offices of Peter Perettine will always be preferred; thus,  always keep these tips in mind. Follow this guide and it might just land you on the right lawyer who will handle your case reasonably and will make sure you will be happy with the results.


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