Tips for Throwing a Perfect Backyard Wedding Party

tips on wedding party

Many couples find beauty in holding their wedding events outdoor; for some, the beach is a good choice while others would like stick with a backyard type of wedding. Just like any other wedding, a backyard wedding is far from simple. In fact, it also needs a lot of preparation for it to be perfect.

Outdoor Wedding

In a way, any outdoor wedding is actually quite a lot work since it is more prone to problems with the weather, landscape, etc. But despite this, a garden or backyard wedding could still be a very beautiful and elegant event. Thus, many couples still want to push through with their backyard wedding dreams.

In order to perfect this wedding project, MIDAN will help you check out some effective tips on how and what to prepare for this amazing event.

The Tips

  • Plan ahead of time.

Of course, this should be applicable to all types of weddings. However, outdoor weddings should be specially planned way ahead of time since it may need more preparations than the usual indoor weddings.

  • Check out the place.

Before the actual wedding day, you should make a trip  to the venue, even if it’s just your own backyard, not just to look at it but to also check on the necessary adjustments you want to make. You should familiarize yourself with the landscape, terrain, etc.

  • Plan the setup and the decorations.

Most importantly, you should be able to visualize how you want to set things up. You should plan with your coordinator, if you have one, on where the sound systems or visual aids should be positioned. You should even plan on setting up some portable bathrooms for your guests. Furthermore, you must also decide on the decors you want for the party.

For many outdoor and indoor wedding or even birthday parties, a trip down to memory lane via a slideshow is essential as it is very entertaining. And so, if you haven’t thought about it yet, you should try one of these inflatable or portable video screens in your wedding set-up.

planning for a wedding party

  • Secure a tent.

Outdoor wedding parties mean possibility of rain or too much heat, this is exactly why tents should be secured for these types of events. You would not want your visitors to be drenched in the rain nor suffering heat stroke on your wedding day.

  • Secure necessary permits.

You might need to secure some permits when throwing an outdoor party. It’s always best to secure city permits, noise ordinances, fire inspections, etc. ahead of time. Make sure all of these are in order weeks or a month before the event to avoid cancellation of parties due to problems with the permits. 

  • Secure a power back up.

If the party is a big one and is only held in your own backyard, it might be necessary to secure a generator as power back just in case of power shortages.

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